The other problems that include a Jamundí hospital director


The time taken by the Jamoto Pilot's officers, to Punta Cana (Dominican Republic), to "improve the climate of the work", this may be the least of the Problems that the director of the institution, Ligia Elvira Viáfara.

There are so many anomalies reported in the last few months of the medical center's management, that there are more than 20 disciplinary cases, offenders and a complaint that include not only the Director, but the Board of Directors of the hospital, Ministry of Health and the Jamundí Council.

Issues from intermediaries, inappropriate salary increase and salary increase due to political reasons stated, inadmissible decision of contracts.

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The top of the ice-hill is the millstone & where over $ 238 million of hospital facilities were spent, in a contract registered on May 21, 2018 by the Delitur Travel Group, to bring 79 workers to the Dominican Republic in an "inclusive" plan.

But the trip to Punta Cana did not go to; first time. There have already been training and inspiring discussions in Panama, Cuba, Isla Margarita and San Andrés.

The General Director General's Office found that he did not even study & climate & # 39; for the trip to Punta Cana, as required by law, "due to lack of resources" and that the survey was scheduled for November, one month after the trip.

El País tried to speak to Ligia Elvira Viáfara about the trip to Punta Cana, because according to the law "it is forbidden to perform parties, parties, entertainments or remembering the units" with money from the public investment, but she did not answer

The remarkable thing, when Ms. Viáfara was supervised by Santa Margarita's hospital, in La Cumbre, in accordance with the documents received by the Research Unit, knew the proper management to the range of social benefits and union activities and the development of the work environment without limiting cultural events, identifying a special day and family integration, etc.

In addition, when the same Director of the Pilot Publishing published a month before a millionth walker & # 39; due to the economic situation there was a debt to pay payment, suppliers and other services that would affect the work of the medical center.

In addition, in April, a few weeks before he put the trip forward for $ 283 million, he stopped his arrest, interaction plan agreement with the Jamundí Health Workers Union due to economic problems.

Millionaire Walk & # 39; coming from Jamundí hospital, top of the ice-hill

Integration? Workers experts say that the Pilot of Jamundí hospital could work with 40 staff while the next 40 had a tour in Punta Cana, "we needed to look out the half of the payment was left ".


Bed searches

In the same public evidence made by the Hospital Director after the Chief Executive's results, she defended her management and the health of the entity that led her in 2016.

But El Pais found that 35 cases had been decorated in the Person of Jamundí who had not been in the process with the elected candidate and arrested in the government of Manuel Carrillo, or his resignation. 39; left for a year with permission from the Jamundí Council.

"There was no splicing here: the assistant who was passing me did not give me any means and we do not know what they have, if they have left them, ; there has been evidence, we do not know anything, "said current producer Jorge Iván Mejía, describing the issues of the Pilot Hospital.

However, three of these processes, which include the current Hospital Director, the National Attorney General have demanded the move to Bogota after the crackdown of the & # 39; destructive & unrivaled visit to registrations in salary levels, ambulance purchases and a complaint for transitions.

Speaking to local media, her & # 39; Javier Adviser Ensure that the trip "deserved to be" deserved by the Hospital's officers and that he is an officer who "promotes a good hospital move" because it was not mentioned in a situation.

The person behind those objections, which was taken over by the control groups, Samuel Vergara, formerly a hospital complex and had a good knowledge of healthcare.

"I decided to say in May 2018 after the Council announced its Manager about healthcare and emergency in the hospital and ended up unobtrusive that the Keep a platform of up to ten hospital workers with a talk with the Javier Council Subscription. "

"The problem is uncomfortable because I found myself arrested and if I need to die for that, what will we do? The Town will soon know what was behind that stage, where they climbed other councilors of Jamundi, "said Vergara.

Walk candidate

In the photo of the helpers on the training and integration journey made by the Pilot Hospital to Punta Cana, the present candidate seems to be today to the office of Rigoberto Lasso windfighter.

The director told El Pais that he traveled with his daughter by using his own resources and that he was a woman who has been working in hospital for several years and has received a & # 39; benefit from the social benefits section.

Lasso said he was always a campaigner for the fight against corruption, who has made a number of complaints as a consultant who gave him a cost to finish his life in Cali.

"In the Council, I stood out to protect the public, to protect the hospital, to commit crime and I did not use it on resources, "he said.


Although the Labor Ministry in 2015 allowed the Pilot Hospital, one of the Unions and Cooperativa Providers of Associated Working Services of Organizations to obtain a translation of work, they would have changed the name of the union and the their only employees are the same job situation. The Ministry was ordained to tie these staff in the hospital office plan and to date they did not achieve the order and continue to. employing the same as well as a situation that was expressed as the Social Security system.

More than the Admiralty

The Chief Executive's Office sought during the investigation that he was the Manager of the E.S.E. Hospital Hospital Jamundi's salary is higher than the High School Principal and is well above the salary scale set by the Administrative Department. public. In 2018, he can not be more than $ 7,621,000, according to the boards for a third sector division, but the one is earning $ 9,363,000 per month, so the tax authority has a negative impact of $ 22 million. The remuneration was ordered by the Board of Directors and would be established by a & # 39; manager and the old mariner Lina Vega.

No strategy plan

In these cases, it is considered to be a chronic crime, one of the objections in the hands of the Advocate is the case; mentions that the Police Hospital Manager does not have his / her. provides a level of management plan as well as an active report that provided the accounts of this time. The law requires the assessment to be submitted not later than April 1 of the year after the effective date is appropriate, and the High -South Health Ministry in September to control the pilot of the Pilot Hospital.

He raised the payment

Another one of the solutions that have taken control of control organisms describes the change in the workplace at the Jamundí Pilot Hospital. According to the information documents, the Board of Directors is through the Arran Agreement. 017 of November 2017 permits a Manual to identify 10 posts without prior examination to the need to & # 39; recruitment and attention to the advice of the Department of Public Administration or Advanced Public Administration, as established by the regulations. The Supersalud asked to return the Manager.

Wages wages

The Supervisory and Certification Guidelines for Health Service Providers, from Health Directorate, ask for a "Town Council" to investigate the breakdown of the action rule for the approval of a town to authorize the ESE Pilot Hospital Manager Already change the salary scale for hospital public workers. "

They analyze whether Jamundí councilors are experiencing; confronting each other, after he has expressed his / her specific roles of Administration Department; Public.

Confidential treaty

In May 2018, the Jamundí Health Secretary and the Hospital Manager, staffing in isolation to develop a Public Health Plan for General Interventions – PIC, and & # 39; Attacking the Lag 80 rules and the Statute of Hospital Harmonization say your complaint. As a result, Superpersonal then requested the Secretary of Health and the Hospital Manager.

"Now the Manager is calling on his / her home to move to Local Health Fund so that this expense can cause the hospital in the time before the election is known. "

Millionaire Walk & # 39; coming from Jamundí hospital, top of the ice-hill

The Pilot's Board of Directors would have made decisions with the Manager with the agreement agreed by delegates. boards that had not even been appointed.

Legal experts asked the Attorney General's Office to investigate whether the Hospital was going to Punta Cana; informing the ARL of the change in staff risk levels as something had happened that the State had responded and that an administrative process should be achieved and if it is not done, it is a disciplinary case there.

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