The owner of Tesla says Autopilot has received control after he has been able to do so; hauling out of video control


In a video-catching event, Tesla Model 3 had made Autopilot ice and was discharged, but the proprietor says that the driver drive system failed to control its & # 39; drive alone and return to the way.

There are no driver support systems to stop a vehicle from getting rid of anything new.

Vehicles have attracted and controlled the sustainability for years, but a Model 3 proprietor in Quebec says that Autopilot Tesla did much more than that.

Eric Laperriere had a drive to Model 3 on her & # 39; The main road outside Montreal last week when it disappeared over the past and the carriage gave two roads to the right.

The Model 3 driver says that the Autopilot system, with the help of drag control and AWD, successfully retrieved automated control and brought the vehicle back into the center.

The event was lost on dashcam and Laperriere gave us the video with us:

Laperriere says that he did not face the command wheel during the entire video capture:

"I did not face the wheel once. Everything was done through Autopilot and the AWD system. […] A driver's wheel had a & # 39; move as soon as the b & # 39; I prefer to handle their cars. "

We have recently seen several other videos of Autopilot to help prevent accidents – especially since Tesla put his own dashcam device.

In the last summer, the owner of Tesla Model 3 said that Autopilot saved his life & # 39; by accidentally moving away on video capture.

We also saw Autopilot to move away from a half truck to avoid an avoidance of an accident.

You can change your settings at any time

If Autopilot was really recovering control and Modal 3 was back in the middle of the world, that's very amazing.

I have seen some of the systems of good quality control in the past, but that's a whole new level and probably as good as anyone who could do in the best situation.

That said, I'm not sure I can stop myself from a & # 39; Try to control the control wheel in this situation, Could not disclose the Servant's part in a & # 39; do this as Laperriere said.

Last week there was a lot of water in Quebec and it went out a few times. The driving conditions were really bad and I saw a number of people who lost control.

The fact is that human drivers have many problems that control those situations.

I'm not surprised that an automated system can affect us in that drive, but usually when we talk about an Autopilot, drivers should always be vigilant and & # 39; Hold a steering wheel when they are & # 39; using the driver support system.

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