The pages on the Bratislava footbridge Most of the SNP's for pedestrians and cyclists is surrounded


The pages on the Bratislava footbridge Most of the SNP's for pedestrians and cyclists are circulated. Some of the holes also appeared in some places. The capital city is a problem. Since the end of September, he has been in repairing the emergency situation of the footbridge.

However, crossover pages will increase the maintenance time and & # 39; increase total costs.

The work was first recorded for 120 days with a total investment of 1.5 million euros. After removing an asphalt, however, it has been found that the leaves are not excavated or repaired, but that they need to be replaced. "This will continue in time of repair and increase in funding," said Bratislava Zuzana Onufer.

The date for repairs and the increase in total costs are still not validated.

The locality is located on the east, which currently travels and where the hole was exposed, town. At this time, it impedes a barrier to access to its & # 39; public and future days will ensure that this section is repaired.

"Across the bridge is safe. Its capital can report from a professionally depressed person who finds a mean loss on both routes, which is not so big that it would be a danger for the safety of pedestrians and cyclists. The photographer has recommended regular inspections, and if there is a failure in the area, then repairing the capital, "said Onufer.

Work on the reconstruction of the Mosta SNP routes has been running from September, with one footbridge where there is always a diverse system of pedestrians and cyclists. The west bridge is currently repaired to repair the railings and replace the places that replace cattle.

"An epoxy film will then be inserted into the handheld sheets to have the asphalt already," said Onufer. When work on the western footbridge is completed, the rampings on the Old Town and Petržalka side will be completed and the SNP's rail repair will be completed with their home by & # 39; repairing the east bridge.

The Bratislava government began to take more account of SNP Bridge after 40 years and repaired in stages. At SNP Moste, which connects Petržalka with its center; Capital through the Danube, last year the road reconstruction was held in 1.5 million euros. The exterior and interior were first repaired. Last year's capital gave support for a comprehensive judgment on the whole bridge. (TASR)

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