The palace puts pressure to Duterte; Allows the use of any property in the voting campaign


Metro Manila (CNN Philippines, 11 February) – Malacañang commented on President Presiding Officer Rodrigo Duterte that no governmental funds will be used to support or against any candidate who is going to be in a position; runs in the 2019 year-old elections.

In media information, Salvador Panelo's spokesman said Duterte would be "tight" with his use of government resources for the time of the campaign.

"The President will never use any government asset in support and against candidates. Strol siya doon (it's tight when it comes to that), "Panelo said to reporters.

"He made the support (of candidates) over time Hindi naming (when not yet) prohibited. Basta sinabi niya na (He said): "I will not allow any government property to be used in support of or against any particular candidate. Itaga niyo sa bato yan (put that in stone), "he said.

The spokesman said he stopped the attacking statements that criticized his / her; President for elected "political" support commitments early. He also said that the campaign has not yet officially begun.

Some of the candidates offered by Duterte, in particular, Special Assistant for President Bong Go, often bid with the President during the regional rounds and their talk events. The Government's critics have questioned That to be present in those trips and whether it is to be done; travel at government cost. However, it was not specifically asked about a Panel about it.

The Election Commission said earlier that he did not find anything wrong with Going Together with Duterte on his trips as there is a "freedom of movement" at his. first one.

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In addition, Panelo addressed Duterte's case to support different slates, including PDP-Laban himself, and Hugpong ng Pagbabago's daughter Sara Duterte.

"I think what it does to make sure that it offers specific candidates, who would, of course, be useful for the Assembly. So anyone no matter of that line good, "he said.

"If it is, for example, supporting the slates, it does not mean that it's really deep and really optimistic. Among them, it's OK (the candidates would be right for it. "

The official campaigning time for senatorial games and party parties begins on Tuesday.

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