The palace that is located under Antarctica that is a accelerate its closure


A radioactive heat source, which is from the heart of the Earth, contributes to the separation of the ice, is found under Antarctica. It is close to the magnetic and future phones that can accelerate the melting of the frozen damage in that area with the water that is at the same time. gathered at the bottom of the glacier. It was identified after the surveys carried out by the Antarctic British (Bas) Survey radar, a British group that analyzes in Antarctica and published the discovery in the Scientific Reports magazine.

"The finding confirms that the spread of ice in the Antarctica also has a local impact, such as radioactive or volcanic sources, because it is covered with ice, compared to the Arctic that is an ocean that fries up and suffers but the general effects of climate warming, "said Antonio Meloni, president of the National Historic Commission of Italy for Antarctica, to ANSA.

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After the Antarctica, remains of hidden continents are hidden, according to the European satellite Goce, which from 2009 to 2013 explored Earth's landscape. There are at least three pieces, which were previously linked in Africa, Australia and India, the oldest with a popular age between 1,000 million and 550 million years.

Published in the Scientific Reports magazine, the discovery is the result of the German University and Antarctic Survey (Bas). The researchers analyzed information from the European Spanish Association (Esa) mission, which reflected the fragile differences in a mystery from one point to another on Earth with 80 kilometer resolution, and compiled by the waves of the waves, which allows you to make a screen inside the planet. In this way, they got a 3D map of the continental planes that open a window on the depths of the earth and especially Antarctica.

The most powerful images "enable us to explore the most well-known province, Antarctica," said Fausto Ferraccioli, who is responsible for geological and geophysical research Bas . Under Antarctic to the east, he said, "we see an interesting brooch" of fragments of lost, large, "appearing similarities and differences between the rubbish under Antarctica and the other continents , "the pieces were" up to 160 million years ago "of years."

It has also been found that Antarctica has a more vulnerable rubbish, between 20 and 35 kilometers thick compared to the east Antarctica, made up of ancient monuments between 40 and 60 kilometers from a house, separated With a younger age The ruins are at least three and the oldest thing is the so-called Crater Mawson, which in the past included parts of the # 39 , Southern Australia, and the hidden image under Queen Maud's land. The two parts are divided by the range of the Gamburtsev mountains, buried under ice.

It is not clear from where the third section, located between Weddell Sea and its South Pole, has come from. Three pieces came from the Goce data and, according to the researchers, "represented a new important element for Antarctica".

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