The park teacher plays a cat cat with Myanmar quickly


2018 AFF Cup Table

Compared to Malaysia, Hang Seo Park was only a change to staff when Trong Hoang made a room for Van Quy. However, that change gave a new system when the players are not included in the protection situation, in fact a middle player; draws players, Van Duc is. Encourage people, their habits to & # 39; move forward, and the mind and skill of his mid-player. defense of Burma.

In particular, that is what people say about how they will use them and use the tools of Park Hang Seo. Competitors can not understand. Pupils need to be happy. And the Vietnam competition with Vietnam; At present, the enemy must always be careful, because this team is different from how you play, flexible in the operation of the system.

Mr Park is good at playing and that's the weapon that the enemy can not explain yet. It includes the size of the Vietnam game and the beneficiaries, the Park Army appears to be able to attracting everyone.
The Myanmar government has done everything to stop the country

The Myanmar government has done everything to stop the country

Many people feel sad about Thuwuna's Vietnam phone. If we offer the opportunities to goals, we have tickets to go. But a good and successful game is not just a product. Performance also shows Vietnam's value.

Look at the team called "Lion Lion" turned into almost invasive cats by attacking the entire Vietnamese Phone force to see, the students of the Park tried how. Then, the players full of energy, as well as Myanmar's fighting spirit, have to leave the field regularly with those who are involved in doing so; See, they have their own gong to support Vietnam's attack power. And, definitely, after the sadness of the Thuwuna island, Myanmar football is "a" lost "Vietnam Phone.

Myanmar 0-0 Vietnam

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