The patient died of sepsis because of huge failure; your doctor, the decision will be heard


A A two-year-old girl dies after she was suffering from sepsis due to a "serious shortage" of doctors, a crown of control has taken place, because she celebrated 38 mistakes.

Marcie Tadman was being treated for the royal arrest at the Royal United Hospital in Bath after suffering a heart attack on the morning of 5 December 2017.

She died only five months after her mother died of cancer.

There were seven doctors Marcie, who was banished to A&E by her father, James Tadman two days before, who treated his pneumonia as his main reason, but they were not all considering sepsis.

It was not examined by a doctor for an hour and a half after it had been examined in the evening.

Maria Voisin, the crown lord for the Avon area, decided that the young baby had died of natural causes which had caused neglect.

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