The patient has risen very quickly and painfully


How to protect yourself from pain, soreness and fear

The Scottish level of employment retired by a majority from the current Marvel films seems to be the same. The woman is almost feeling any pain and she has a very strong ability to cure injury. Researchers are now finding out that the woman's amazing ability is a result of movement.

A recent study by the College of London University and Oxford University found that its international reputation that the woman's blossom is 71-year-old from Scotland and that she can relieve injury quickly, often. no score. The results of the research are published in the English magazine "British Journal of Anesthesia".

Skates often leave our remains on our body. An old Scottish woman is suffering from plowing, so she does not feel very painful and healing without wounding. This could in the future lead to a new way of treating pain and wounds. (Image: gamjai /

A woman noticed being killed almost by the majority

The person who had suffered a number of streams and cuts was painless. It often burned burnt meat on burns before it became aware of the pain. According to the researchers, a lack of punishment and cure is remarkable, according to genetic guidelines not previously described. The case could open up doors to new treatments to help people get better from surgery and to overcome pain and anxiety problems.

Researchers found out about hitting back by lifting hip

Jo Cameron first came to the attention of doctors when she was approached for a chrom problem at the age of 65. The comma was again confirmed as an actress, and needed to be renewed. The patient did not reply as expected of the downturn process and after second operation without pain, the doctors decided that it should be examined more closely.

Usually threshers are cured without injury

As well as her detailed medical history, the victim felt there were many lochans and painless cuts. The sores that came from that healed were particularly quick and there was little or no money at all. The old woman didn't know that it was so different from other people that she would need a new clip. Just a few years ago, the wife knew that it was unusual to get so much pain. The person thought that this was perfectly natural.

FAAH-Out is an important patient in a patient

In their study, researchers from London University College and the University of Oxford identified two specific differences in the patient. One tribe called FAAH was breeding (hydraulic full of fat acid). The FAAH gene participates in the organisation's endocannabinoid system, the parts of the central nervous system that play an important part in pain, memory and expression, and the partners in cannabis action. They also found a second gene which was previously thought to be DNA without any purpose. It now shows that this gene, called FAAH-Out, is taking control of Faah's gene and putting it down in Mrs Cameron.

Patients were not afraid and did not go missing

In addition to healing the wound and the pain, the woman resulted in particular results in anxiety and depression tests. She explained that she will never panic in dangerous situations, such as a car accident.

Photos could protect people from pain in the future

The effect of these results is very significant, explained the authors of the study. Half of the patients who get back from surgery are still experiencing a fairly moderate pain despite today's drug addicts. It may be that an FAAH-out capable of reducing the ability to reduce pain in FAAH gene will allow other medicines to be failed already. The results show an analgesic new look that may be relieving pain after the job and it may speed up an injury. We hope the new results help 330 million patients are treated every year, according to the research team. The old woman was betrothed that her sexual pain could help other people who were suffering. (Mar)

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