The penalty is declining for a & # 39; this rude case


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Scientists are afraid of Padua University, Italy, with their ability Those men used their mothers to serve pans with guns For cooking, they have suffered a decline in the & # 39; their punishment.

The reason why the study showed that 383 men with an average age of 18 years lost sentences 12 per cent high and 6 per cent wide in its members It is because they did not The consumption of food prepared in such kitchen equipment, with PFC chemicals.

These, the same, can prevent male hormone and been to reduce a single centimeter penalty of the victims even since they are pregnant, as reported Sunshine.

An Chemical pc They are also found in protective clothing, fast food vessels and in food vessels, some medicines, electronic material, etc., and related to lower fertility, tide cancer, early months, low birth weight, thyroid problems, high cholesterol and deprivation of the defensive system.

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