The person, apparently under Hapalom, did not finish: I've done it!


In Uruguayan football referee Vladimír Weiss ml. during training
In Uruguayan football referee Vladimír Weiss ml. during training

BRATISLAVA – Slovenian Vladimir Weiss's football representative for Plus Plus One Day said he had decided to complete the national team under the supervision of the Pavel Hapal Czech coach. Qatar waited for a Allah-eight-year-old Qatar-wing club at UEFA League against Ukraine (4: 1) and the Czech Republic (0: 1) in a & # 39; precious gateway. And when he did not reach the court in the third game of a game in Prague, Eden, he went to a cleric room.

"I completed Hapla after Hapl, I will put myself in the days ahead," Wednesday & Plus Plus One on the old Manchester Town, Glasgow Rangers, Espanyol Barcelona and Olympiakos Piraeus.

Vladimir Weiss Jr. The information provided by immediately after the League of Nations with the Czech Republic. "I have done it," he said hard after a 28-year-old player. While there were other players in the sitting room and her; weaving now, Weiss was now looking out of the stadium.

Shortly after his game in Prague, Hapal, replacing Ján Kozák's coach in October, he said: "I did not recognize it through the game because I was teaching the team I did not know when I came into the ball. I'll try to go with the player What we did and we saw, We decided not to play, but it is not written that it does not play in other duels, so I do not see any problem. "

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