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Reporter Hong Wen / Taipei Taipei

The film "Human Face Fish Red Girl", Xu Ruoxuan, was held at the fantastic Xinyi Weixiu on the 21st. His Li Yunfeng specially traveled from Singapore to Taipei to give flowers and put the audience forward. She showed her husband and her family would sit down and her; watch the movie. There will be one "one other room" and will be reserved for the father who died at the beginning of the year. "Nothing is still a year, I think it's still there."

▲ ▼ Best view of Xu Ruoxi, Li Yunfeng

▲ Xu Ruoxi's person, Li Yunfeng, appeared at his first appearance of "The Red Lion Naughty". (Photograph / Narrator Zhang Yizhong)

When he talked about the joy of the distinction today, Xu Ruoxuan remarkably said: "Xu Laojiao had not been satisfied with the works from the film. Speaking about Minnan dialect. I believe she wants "human noodles." I'm sorry I can not see anything. I left my place especially at the first because my father is still in the right year. I always think he's still there. Something needs to be enjoyable today. He certainly says that This is the best movie from the movie. "

When her husband Li Yunfeng came to the platform for offering flowers, he immediately sent Xu Ruoxuan. The host Huang Zikai sent the two away to create a kissing situation, which was appropriate for the media to capture the picture. Xu Ruoxuan was rarely seen. It's good to be filmed by a missing woman. Her husband, Li Yunfeng, sends a film back: "Certainly, no. My wife is really involved in the hunting, I'm not better to worry ! " Xu Ruoxi again let fear.

▲ ▼ Best view of Xu Ruoxi, Li Yunfeng

▲ Li Yunfeng pòg Xu Ruoxuan. (Photograph / Narrator Zhang Yizhong)

At this time, "Human Face Fish" propaganda activities often featured strange things, such as the Xu Ruoxi interview with the Golden Horse Awards red red ribbon in recent days, the video screen became a "man" . She is now seeing it. "I feel that everyone has always been there, and I can share the section. I welcome them to see" Fish Face ". We feel that some of the unexpected and unintelligible forces help us."

Against these strange things, Xu Ruoxuan does not worry. He usually goes back to Taiwan to worship the Temple Guan Gong, Temple Longshan and the Temple of Ladies, and his son Dalton also recognizes Guan Gong as his grandfather. However, she confesses that she is currently, that she will not produce horrible films for the time. "Being physically and mentally tired, let me get away from it!" As well as trying to clear the cartoon for his son, in terms of his film performance, he is still in a position; choose the script, and the family still has her. Very important.

▲ ► Xu Ruoqi scenic tour

▲ Xu Ruoxuan. (Photograph / Narrator Zhang Yizhong)

For the pressures of his box office, Xu Ruoqi jumped out and said: "We have a box office warranty" here, and we do not have any responsibility. We believe that (Zheng Renshuo) is now very lucky and is really good. It's good to give him an office box. "Heart 2" is not over and over; If it does not break the bill, it will definitely go to # 39; break the bill! "Zhuang Weiwei Director also swears:" It's worth 100 million. in the package! "

To go to the box office, Xu Ruoxi's mother, packed friends and friends for more than 5 games. Her husband Li Yunfeng is also expected to be in the market when she is released in Singapore.
Zheng Renshuo has three friends and relatives. The final box "Red 2" box broke down 100 million, said Wu Nianxuan's climbing rock, which was above the body's loft, said: "I'm already a badger, you do not have to take it off!" It is hoping to retrieve the service and the black tiger geas, and # 39; Pray for the media West-

In addition, Xu Ruoxi's half-visit could only smile and he said: "I'm feeling that many people are surprised. I think It's like Jackie Chan, and I also asked the director: "You do not feel like Jackie Chan. Is it especially when the guitar goes down? "Zheng Renshuo quickly drew to the side, and everyone seemed to look like it. Zhang Shuwei said:" It's like Jackie Chan who is laughing at the side. speak Taiwanese "

His first appearance of "Fish Face Fish" was held in Xinyiwei on the afternoon of the 21st. Zeng Yixian producer, Chen Xinji and the new director Zhuang Weiwei actors Xu Ruoxuan, Zheng Renshuo, Zhang Shuwei, Gao Huijun, Xin Lee, Wu Zhizhen and Tong Xing Chen Shaohui. Directors also have a series of "Red", Cheng Weihao, Liu Yinshang, Huang He, and Zhan Wanru standing on the platform, and his. clothing clothing at the time to the office of the box.

"Biography Red Girl Biography" will be released on stage on November 23.

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