"The person thinks about every 7 seconds" species and other lies


Glasses do not wear cure and insecure information, and many believe it, from parents, from families or from teachers, or from an internet siteSouth Westerly

Science has rejected the legends and unfinished legends, which are still firmly established in certain minds.

The following is a 15-year health superstition, according to Mind Body Green:

1. The person thinks about a 7-bit species
We are sometimes surprised about who can believe such a famous appeal. No-one can usually live if he still reflects on the seven-second species. We can agree that men can think about it; This issue is bigger than women, but not so muchSouth Westerly

2 – take a pipe cure only when the pain becomes similar
A person should not wait until their poor situation is in place; get worse, and need to take a pigeon when it's going to; feeling pain. In the case of patients with ongoing problems, they are expected to be copied to a & # 39; their drug even before pain beginsSouth Westerly

3. You will be higher than your weight, faster than your food production
We all think that people are overweight or poor in poor depression, but this concept is scientifically wrong. Indeed, metabolism is faster in obese people than those who are slowSouth Westerly

4. By reading in the loop light, it's a & # 39; transport your vision
The site said that one reading should be made in a suitable light because this is more comfortable, but that does not mean that reading in a bad light damaging the sight. Low light can make the focus more difficult and the same can happen under light. But it does not hurt the eyes anywaySouth Westerly

5. Your computer light is carrying your eyes
Our mothers have always asked us to work in front of the computer screen for a long time, because it generally looks at eyes and health. The computer screens that set up rays in very few amounts can not hurt our eyes. There is no connection between the radiation from a computer screen and visual impairmentSouth Westerly

6. Fighting and guardian can make a ridicule of damaged members
The site proved that a shampoo and constraint could be, however, the product that is expensive and well-known, handle the spoiled hair extensions, and can make these materials to make the hair silk and clearer and maybe worse. Scissors are the only magic way to get rid of your hair resourcesSouth Westerly

7– – You should select new materials because they are healthier than frozen substances
It is natural that some think new materials are healthier than frozen substances, but studies have shown that the other is. In fact, new products are less valuable than fruit, vegetable and even frozen meat productsSouth Westerly

8. Vitamins will prevent cold and flu
Many people identify themselves health experts and their clients; Advise those with cold or flu for vitamin C. Medications are full of vitamins C and other vitamin. Vitamal C enhances our protection system, but can not obstruct fluor or cold symptoms.

9. Cold antibiotics can be cured
The site said that this legend is uncertain for those who have an idea of ​​scientific lines, where there is a cold caused by viral disease, and antibiotics are working to prevent bacteria, and that is why the drugs do not do so; Success in cold handlingSouth Westerly

If you sue someone's poisonous, he is willing to go ahead
Although it is a comfortable feel in & # 39; tired after common food poisoning, if someone suffers poison, it does not affect himself. This is likely to be disturbing the situation because the nature of toxins is often acidic or alkaline; causes damage to the furnace and damage more than the stomach that contains the excavating oxygen that causes it; poisoning effectsSouth Westerly

11. You do not have to waste your wounds
When we burn a crust or screw, we will move all of us and bacteria from our mouth and saliva to destroy the material, and this is unhealthySouth Westerly

12. If your pig is green, you have a viral disease
Mucus color is affected by the blood protein, so if you are aware of the next time there is no green color in the color; Mucus is scared because your mucus does not seem to have done anything about viral disease

13. You get severe pain in heart attack
Most heart drives have a occur without any marks, making them more mortal. Most of the people who have been in & # 39; Heart attacking is said to be painless, more difficult pain that is closer to the toothache or not to be heavy. Other symptoms of severe heart are the appearance of pain in the upper part of the left arm or the feeling of death or worry that is aheadSouth Westerly

14. A bone-softened coffee in the & # 39; children
This legend is used by silent parents to keep their children from drinking coffee, but there is no scientific evidence that there is a adverse effect on coffee or bone density. However, children should eat healthy drinks instead of coffee that is appropriate when the older person isSouth Westerly

15. Organic food is larger and contains no insects
The idea is that organic and organic foods are more calm than insects. In fact, organic food farmers also use organic pesticides, which are sometimes more harmful to the environment than normal poisoningSouth Westerly

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