The person who kills the man's clerk is a person; make a 50-year-old incapacity, prison life


The view outside the store of Mac where a clerk was killed on 18 December, 2015.

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The man who was guilty of two accounts killed in the death of the soldiers at two Mackintosh workers in 2015 was to give two lives in the Queen's Bank Court on Tuesday to be his service together.

Laylin Delorme, 27, had been unable to pay for a 50-year parole if the court was on the recommendations of John Watson who was the procurator. Fiscal who argued that the mortgage costs were subsequently issued.

Instead, he is entitled to a parole in 25 years.

Watson argued that a life sentence with a 25-year-old non-optional lawsuit – the highest level for a first stage killing conviction – would effectively mean that a murder would be unplanned.

Delorme was one of the three who were involved in the attacks that Ricky Massain Cenabre and Karanpal Singh Bhangu left Mac a clerk left after the two were killed in individual attacks on 18 December 2015.

The 27-year-old man was found guilty of the murder as well as two counts of jury stole in June.

Laylin Delorme.


A 16-year-old boy – who was 13 at the time of the shootings, was a three-year sentence on two taxacles in the death of Cenabre and Bhangu at the end of November.

Due to the time it is delivered, the young people, who have an identity protected under the Youth Criminal Justice Act, will be released on Friday.

The other suspected adult, Colten Steinhauer, is still going to test.

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