The person who tried to throw his wife's body in a truck that was killed at the police station where he was held


Juan Carlos Garcilazo, the man who killed his companion in the town of Loma Hermosa and eliminating the body in a dump truck, was put to death at the ninth police station in Villa Ballester, where he was arrested. Reporting regional resources that he hunted himself today in one of the bathrooms in the police unit.

As they explained to him Group:, Garcilazo hung on a cable that he hid from his private parts and attached to a bar of one of the caves, which is located three meters deep. Garcilazo, who went into the shoproom was short before seven hours, without any other damage to his body. Procurator Marcelo Sendot, of UFI 3 of San Martín, translates, and made expert exams in the place where the body was found.

A case was set against the person that he was killed by his / her; bound, after being murdered Andrea Gabriela Lopez (46), his companion for over 20 years and a mother of three children. The passive corpse was found on 7 December next to a dump truck, in front of hard hardware, after Garcilazo stopped.

As it could be noted in the trading security cameras, Lopez's body was set out on the path with the person, who was loading it, leaving it there and its # 39 ; go as if anything happened. A day later, a swarm was inserted into a house located in Cuba Street at 9500 of that town, where it was hidden and bloody in the left with a curtain at the top . Depressed experiments confirmed that Andrea's wound has been in a & # 39; destination behavior consistent with strangulation.

Although he first started to throw the body from a movable car, the post-camera study revealed the truth. In the first hour after finding her daughter's remnants, she did not know her identity. Until one of the girls listened to say there was a phrase that did not leave one place for a doubt. "My mom is my mother!" A girl told her house door, in front of the scene.

Then another one of the daughters of the girl, aged 16, appeared before the courts. He said he was his mother, who was a live just in front of the place where the body was found. Lopez was married for more than forty years by Garcilazo, a 53-year-old man, as in the last time that would have held talks with the possession of the three children.

While he was & # 39; trying to clarify his case, the appearance of Lucas Viatri's father was involved in the event. However, the police clarified that the person was a neighboring merchant, just an owner who had a hard copy, who said that Garcilazo was the one who left her; body on the side of the picnic.

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