The peso benefits from the weaknesses in dollar and adds to the second; in a row


CITY of MEXICO.- Mexican Peso He betrayed his weakness dollar in the international market and a revival of oil prices.

The Mexican Bank said 19.3925 units of closed demand had closed. In the day the weight was 9.50 cents, equivalent to 0.49 per cent.

In the bank window the green ticket was sold at 19.70 units, a figure lower than the units 19.80 which were reported on Friday as Citibanamex.

The highest rate of peso sales per week was 19.5201, with a record low of 19.3814 units being sold in the wholesale market.

The pre-Mexican Mexican peso won 1.06 per cent in two consecutive sessions.

The contributors took part in the pesos exchange industry, capitalizing on the improvements in the pesos present a risk, which resulted in a fall in demand for the dollar as a reserve resource.

The index that measures the next door behavior against a basket of ten currencies is 0.14 loss out of a first, a condition that draws on the third collapse.

The downturn has slowed, pushed by the worst concerns of economic growth in the world and awaiting a major UK Parliament vote on the issue of Brexit

In the United States it is reported that retail sales they grew 0.2 in the first month of the year, better than the fall of 1.6 reported in December 2018.

The figures still show that this is Federal Reserve it will keep the marking level unchanged at their next financial policy meeting, which is registered later this month.

On another front, there was good performance The oil market, a position that stimulates money in the Mexican.

The oil price of a West West type is 1.34 per cent to 56.82 per barrel, and the Brent level rises to 1.37 per cent to 66.64 dollars.

Raw prices are subsequently supported Saudi Arabia they have increased the cuts for the second month in a row.

Internally, it shows that that is in the rop to update the time they are out. exchange of hedges, t to 91 days, the demand for 955 million dollars was better than 4.78 hours by 2020. t

The exchange rate reflects the sustainability of 19.62 units in the wholesale market. While the support is 19 units.

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