The peugeot bike collection made in the French Republic is the highest number of national records


(National) – Peugeot's bike collection by Mr Dao Xuan Tinh has just received a national record. At the service for publishing and receiving its & # 39; This record, Dao Xuan Tinh, a National Museum of Vietnam collector, gave a pair of bicycles by 1954.

Old bicycle collectors have 100 units

Bicycles have been familiar with long-term transport, linked to the life of many generations of Hanoi. Today, with the development of transport modes today, making travel easier and easier, images of less and less sympathetic bicycles on streets have a & n; town. South Westerly

At the time of funding, Hanoi's main transport routes bicycle. Images of slow bicycle that flow down on the streets are engraved in mind and be a beautiful memory in the heart of many generations of Hanoians, and the image of an old bicycle beside them. Women with a house also included poetry, painting, photographs, linked to a class name of artists at a time.

The peugeot bike collection made in the French Republic is the highest number of national records - Picture 1.

Collector Dao Xuan Tinh built two bicycles to the National History Museum

In the 1970s, he was the bicycle; many families. Foreign companies such as Peugeot, Aviac or Mercie … cost a little gold tree, equivalent to a room of about ten tons of m2. So, there is a number plate, proprietary certificate of bicycles, it is not different from today's car or motorcycle registration. So the bike is a good resource for their families.

As a son of Hanoi, associated with the long-lived memories of Hanoi, the collector Dao Xuan Tinh was very sad and was often pulled by his Peugoet bike made in a French comic.

The peugeot bike collection made in France is the highest number of national records - Picture 2.

Collectors Dao Xuan Tinh and his friends on his bike

The image of the old Peugeot bicycles is always inscribed on mind. With a sail and beautiful, excellent and excellent. It has three principles in the Peugeot cyclist collection: one of them requires the car to be old, the other must be original and three are still well used. So, for nearly twenty years he has traveled, traveled in many places, many European countries want to find, buy and sell his favorite bike. As its original and original original cars have its criteria, it will try to buy, despite the high value. To get the car, you need to spend a lot of heart, time and money.

You've ever heard of Peugeot's old bicycle, which was the first thing; , he always knew how to find out and buy, many fascinating memories in the years he has collected, Peugeot's bicycle owners understand only passion, passionate love for the Peugeot bike. agree to him, although many people paid for it. They are very valuable, but they do not agree to sell it. Because the car is the memory and memories of his father, family and family, they always have to do it; maintain and respect, as a vital family memorial, so Not only does it allow a decision when the mind is in a position; gather, know how to respect, respect and preserve those things.

The Peugeot bicycle representation in the French Republic is the highest number of national records - Picture 4.

The highest number of Peugeot cycles issued in the French Republic was given

At the moment its Peugeot cycle collection has reached 100. It is a special feature of the Peugeot bicycle collection that all the tools and components have been made and collected in the French Republic (by 1992) . other countries. Bicycles in his collection that have been made since 1918, have been over 100 years but still in good order.

Cycling is remembered to remember

The most important thing is a collection of its Peugeot bicycle that is not a member of bicycle, it is really aimed at gathering Peugeot bicycles in pairs of men and women. , since the old Peugeot bicycles were regarded as friends, emotional, emotional, and so every time a new bike was collected, he tried to find and collect. Stay in time, right color, so they also have a pair, so it has been about a couple of twelve pairs of Peugeot cars made in France in different colors and designs.

The peugeot bike collection made in the French Republic is the highest number of national records - Picture 5.

To be able to maintain and maintain these vehicles, it would have to employ a team of skilled, high tech technology that specialized in the maintenance, care and repair of Peugeot bicycle to keep cars in the car. Beautiful and a good move. In particular, there are nearly 80-year-old workers, but also because of the love and enthusiasm of the old Peugeot bicycles that it has been maintained, maintained and its & # 39; customize every detail. in Peugeot bike collections by the collector Dao Xuan Tinh.

In addition to the Peugeot bicycle that was made in the French Republic, there are four Salex bike bikes, two Peugeot 101s, two Peugeot 102s, one 1970 single motorcycle, and hundreds. wall clocks and ancient desserts, things that motivated many of his generations. These products are very meaningful and valuable.

The Peugeot bicycle collection made in the French Republic is the highest number of national records - Picture 6.

The Peugeot bicycle was in the collection of Mr Dao Xuan Tinh who marched with friends

Collector Dao Xuan Tinh said that the collection of old bicycles is not just proud, but also because it's not just bicycling but also "Remember to remember," artwork, their anomalies and their acne incorporating a culture of memory in mind.

The most memorable one in the car collection, Mr Dao Xuan Tinh, said that the bicycle was a dirt that was made in France in 1948; but surprisingly why there is no bicycle that they did not have friends, lacking a pair, and so he was willing to get the female car. And finally he found a smaller male bicycle 4 year male bike, the same color, the same life.

The peugeot bike collection made in the French Republic is the highest number of national records - Picture 7.

The cars in the registry collection Dao Xuan Tinh

At the service to publish and deliver the national record, Dao Xuan Tinh presents the Vietnam National Museum of History a pair of bicycles made before 1954 which was original and very valuable for her -will someone to qualify for an award. Together, there is nostalgia for remembering time as well as the bracelet of the bicycle that was brought to Vietnam.

On November 18th, the Vietnam Association of Central Records "Peugeot Collection of Peugeot Bicycles was made in the highest-ranked French Republic" by Dao Xuan Tinh colleague. South Westerly

Mr Thang Van Phuc (former Deputy Affairs Minister) who was chairman of Mrs. chairman, Chair of the Vietnam Central Committee; Mr Le Doan Hop, a former former Party Party member, former Minister of Culture and Information (now Ministry of Culture and Information), the Chairman of the Council established a Registration Organization Vietnam, leader of the Vietnam National History Museum, Representatives of the French Festival, artists of individual artists and artists, led by Artist Quang Tho and many guests and representatives from newspapers and newspapers.

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