The phantom was stolen a cabbage at his pension stop


The damage is about 800 euros.

KOSICE. The robber is allegedly committed to a 27-year-old cabaret shower Róbert z Košíc, who has committed similar crime.

The crime was built at the beginning of October at a public transport stop at Košice-West.

"According to a recent survey, the accused jumped Robert to a 63 year-old woman, screaming her," huu, "and began to pull her handbag on her hand. Protected her in a bag. After a short fight, the accused tried to remove Robert, and also went with her wolf, "said Jana Mesarova, a regional police spokesman Kosice.

A woman did not let any injuries after the fight, but she did not. She stole about 800 euros.

"The accused person has been arrested in the cleaning center in connection with other similar criminal activity," said Mésarová.

For devolved activities to a protected person, he is looking at a prison sentence between seven and twelve years.

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