The pharmacist's skipper continues to restore the body of the Saudi Arabia's body and his body; meet a representative from his company


Dr. Mohieldin Obeid, President of the Swiss Chemist and Union of Arab Chemist Union invited Al Nahdi Company to be present in Cairo where an emergency meeting was held in the presence of Dr. Mustafa Al Wakil, Deputy Pharmacist Chiefs, Dr. Mohammed Al Zoghbi, Secretary of the Fund Takaful, And the accompanying representation, to consider the questions; at Westminster Ahmed Taha, who was killed in Saudi Arabia, believe seven weeks.

The meeting debated everything that belongs to the physical return of Dr. Ahmed Taha and the team of lawyers who are continue their case and its # 39; Getting the family of the mortgages on all financial taxes, and Talk about a number of problems within the company and how to deal with a solution.

Dr. confirmed Yasser Al-Jawhary, Chief of the Al-Nahdi Company, continued to continue his company as a result of the killing of Ahmad Taha's pharmacist, who worked at one of his pharmacies in Saudi Arabia , and said that his & her; company carrying out its responsibilities to family. of pharmaceuticals. On the south side of the martyr because his right is and not to give anyone, in particular he was in a position; protect his work. He praised the efforts of Dr. Mohieddin Obaid, the general captain of the lieutenants and the leader of the Union of Arab Athletes, will coordinate this meeting.

He said that his company's managing head and the southern area leader in Saudi Arabia had visited his family. and agree on the traffic associated with the return of his body and tax and the team of lawyers who are in charge of the law. follow their case. They discovered the treaty and contacted the skipper of the Egyptian curators, and stressed that his & her; Company is aware of the event, The options.

He argued that a number of problems were debated within the company and how it was done. unlock them to repeat this event again, and how to make sure that Egyptian's cure works in the company. He promised to arrange a meeting with the medications after the emergence and implemented their recommendations. Company.

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