The Philippine team had bad registration in the AFF Cup round trip


The Philippines's bad registration is on the final of Aup Cup as a team that has a " lost.

The Philippine team had bad registration in the AFF Cup round trip

Le teleporting Thailand to Singapore in the last round of Group B, the Philippines are make their way officially by dragging 0-0 to Indonesia.

Goran Eriksson's tutor supporter is in the forthcoming runners up to be a Vietnam coach at Park Hang Seo. This is a fair and fair game when each team has different strengths and constraints.

The Philippines (busy) gave their first Eriksson coach. England: Fox Sports Asia.
The Philippines occupies (white shirt) in the AFF Cup finals

However, the Filipin Islands are a worried case in the final of Aup Cup when the team was suspended and did not reach the final game of the competition.

The Philippineans won AFF Cup roundtrips for the first time in 2010. And in the & # 39; That competition, we can not surprise "The Azkals" that they lost to Indonesia in both football games and either. number 0-1

After the competition was considered to be very successful, with the team also made many players, the Philippines continued to win tickets to the 2012 AFF Cup round against Singapore.

In the first leg at the Rizal Memorial Park in Manila, Philippines let Singapore 0-0. However, in the back, left & # 39; Wildfin & lion lion crew that was banned with a small score of 1-0, and so pushed the ticket to the opponent's final.

Filipin's final trip was to reach AFF Cup roundtrips in the & # 39; The competition was held in 2014. They were delighted to keep Thai 0-0 at home in the first leg but lost their time. game. in the back row at Rajamangala, who lost the final tour of Thailand 0-3 after two trips.


So, Philippine football loses all the paths into the AFF Cup final. Not only that, in every three times to the final competitions, "" The Azkals "did not have an honorary aim in eliminating the regional competition.

Although football is not the same as a bridge, but with poor performance, it is likely that the Philippines will continue to grow while they are in a position; meet Vietnamese football in the 2018 AFF Cup final.

The two-legged game will be held on 2 December at the Stadium Stadium in Bacolod. The 4-day visit will be held in My Dinh. This year, with the guidance of an anti-social coach coach as a Eriksson coach, the Philippines is considered to be a very important team that the Hang Hang tutor teacher must play it carefully in the next 180 minutes.

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