The Philippines militants near the Duy Manh defender were surprised. Picture of the side


Defender Alvaro Silva (34) came to the Hanoi club in 2017. His relationship closely with the player of Du Du Manh made many fans happy.

The Philippines militants near the Duy Manh defender were surprised

At the competition AFF Cup 2018The Philippine team is very popular with many natural players and is led by an expert Eriksson coach. In addition to the famous players, Alvaro Silva's guardian receives attention from many nets.

The 34-year-old was overseas with the Hanoi club in early 2017 with a two-year contract. Season 2018, as a result they were not attending Asian Cup and a small number of foreign countries, the capital team decided to demolish the contract in advance with the defendant. He got Eriksson coaches for the national team AFF Cup This year.

Recently, many Vietnam fans want to find out about Alvaro quite close to the Duy Manh defender. Both follow each other on Instagram and they often go to Instagram; praising, complaining about each other. In addition, some other players such as Duc Huy, Van Quyet and Doan Van Hau were also facing the defenders.

In recent occupation, the Spanish defender was pleased to be named in the most expensive five in southern Asia. When Duy Manh congratulated him, he was pleased to see his old team members in the competition.

Despite the age of 34, the six men are increasingly out of the male players in Philippines, and, good work for them. He has over 20,000 followers on his personal page.

He is married and there are two big sons. During his time in Vietnam, Alvaro's small family was always badly damaged.

Following the conclusions of Timor Leste on 17/11, Alvaro and his companions have spread 6 points in two games, in a short time behind Thailand in Group B AFF Cup 2018South Westerly

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