The phobia that Dalma Maradona needed to come over because of his son on the way: "I made the canchera and …"


Monday, November 26, 2018 20:54

Like every new mother, Dalma Maradona (31) Live every new awareness of a pregnant woman. However, despite one of the most distinctive stages of his life to live with her husband, Andrés Caldarelli (31), there are some phobias that her mother needed at the time to come over the force.

This is what she said through her extensive downloadable download on Instagram: "I do not talk about being pregnant as a child because there are all the ideological experts and Instagram, but I want to tell you I have today to do the study to find out if I had diabetes, usually! Mothers know what I'm talking about.) And I remembered I was scared to get blood, and I'm sorry. ; give me vaccines, or talk! You can ask @claudiavillafaneok for the paper I made as a daughter when I was going to give her a vaccine and I left A & # 39 , running out to the street, or not so young, I would cry for blood, and obviously always be with her, to join me even though I was not as young more! ", Dalma started saying in the social network beside a picture in which she is parked in a car with glasses.

Then he gave more information about his knowledge: "Today the study included blood (for my disasters my taste), which gives sweet sweetness (true, true, true, true) Wait 2 hours to sit and get blood again (fewer tubes than the previous one, but another one of the most recent questioned I was alone because I made the canoe and I wanted to die after the illness and FEAR! The case is that there is a child in the box beside a mine, which gives an incredible voice when they pulled blood and swear that I did not understand it … I had to do the same thing! "

"But I think that did not give me time to go together with anyone, and there I was, sending out eleven three letters (celebrity number 1) and I realized it was not so bad, and that everyone is doing well, well, WORK! I believe now! I'm a & She's going to be a mother and I understand that some things that do not occasionally choose, as I wanted to worry, not now! "he continued.

"We're waiting for you a beautiful Pipita … I believe now but I did not know what to use. -LATHA … Thank you very much! Let everyone know that they do not be afraid of anything that's already out of their language that broke it -other thing) ", closed, proud to accomplish.

Test given!



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