The phone that Samsung has to open and close


Video of folding Galaxy Fold

There are many doubts that are still changing around the Galaxy Fold. Samsung is phoning the phone as one of the first "of all" and that means that there is some confusion about it and (overall) about it how it takes the time test, in particular the shift from the continuing opening and closure of the screen.

Remember that the phone is capable of folding in, leaving an outside view as it is doubling another twice as big as we can none. This was done in a way day after day, a month after a month, the panel might suffer at the end of the one more organized all of us currently have an interest in this type of smart phones.

It is not possible to get such a review we don't even have, even Samsung, whatever the tests we have – but at least we have a video that we're trying relieve some uncertainty based on … t repetition. Held by the company itself, it shows several Galaxy Fold phones that are folding and reopening again and again to run diabetic music. The man was baptized as " tFolding test"It will only last 30 seconds, but whether it shows the way the company is using. delete the exam Your smartphones:

This is just a response from the company to one of these videos more controversial Asian phone's phone turned around in the days gone by. Yes, we mention the home record of a YouTube user with a unit (of the AT & T operator) which own it and showed how the median was greater than expected in the region. The screen was doubled.

No, to understand that the line length and protection of the screen is not, we know, but at last we ask a question about household technology and flexible screen capabilities. Anyway with such a drive bad news it sounds a little and we look again and let us apologize folding capabilities the phone. Did it work for you or are you still in doubt about this technology?

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