The Pitbull will be damaged to & # 39; a dog that hit two women


The event took place 10pm on 18/11 in the town of Cho, Ba Ba town, Tung commune (Thuong Tin area, Hanoi).

According to startup information, a 30-year-old woman opened from the Iron Cage stone for a farm sheep dog and suddenly bite with a dog.

When a dog was bite with a dog, Mrs P. (the neighbor) raised the dog and was bite with her & # 39; dog.

Some people find out that they have confronted each other and his / her; taking a watt out, & # 39; killing the Pitbull shortly afterwards.

According to the director of Tien Commune an Fhèidh, two women were bite with a dog fighting their shoulders and their hands. Shortly after that, two women were injured to an emergency hospital.

This Pitbull is known to limit 30kg. Typically the person will take a & # 39; his dog. Yesterday the man was away, his wife gave food to the dog and dog.

Pitbull is an aggressive wild dog, known as "cold blood dead". At the end of 8/2018, in Hanoi, Pitbull was killed by the owner's brother.


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