The PMU approved the collection of the NN and Aegon Group


Inside Aegon, Aegon's Life Assurance Company, apart from his daughter, Partner Aegon, and Aegon d.s. and the Czech companies Aegon Pojišťovna.

The Antimonopoly Office (PMU) of the Soviet Republic agreed to the NN and Aegon Group's collection at the end of October. As there is more information from the media, the unity of which includes to & # 39; obtaining independent control from the NN Dutch Group over the Slogan companies of the Aegon and Aegon Live Insurance Company d.s. and Aegon Pojišťovna's Czech company. Partner Aegon, NN's life insurance company, also receives a life insurance company.

The Office did not find any adverse effect

Actions NN Group and Aegon Live Insurance Company, Aegon d.s. and Aegon Partner, according to PMU, engage in the life insurance range and retirement savings. The link was also marked by the Office in the range of insurance material distribution, where Aegon's Life Insurance Company, Aegon d.s. and the Aegon Partner produces media of financial resources.

In the case of life assurance, according to PMU, the activity of the related parties exceeds the extent that they do not; reaching the affected market boundaries. In the case of some market intelligence market funding issues, the market shareholders of their partners exceeded their higher than the specific threshold for the marketed markets, but with regard to the level of participation and nature the competitors, the PMU did not detect the negative effects of a & # 39; compete focusing.

Originating by law

The Office did not identify any adverse impact on a competition or an old age pension saving market. Such a position of the PMU has included the structure of the market and the nature of the competitive companies that are represented by companies that belong to the multinational economic organizations and also according to the departmental regulatory level. "The mixed collection is in accordance with competition law because it will not significantly impede an effective competition in a relevant market, especially as a result of an increase or strengthening situation," said the Office.

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