The Pokemon Go Valentine 2019 event has been demolished? |


A special Pokemon Go Valentine event will come sooner. This was reinforced in the latest Pokemon newsletter. However, deductions on the full information of the event may be published.

Valentine Event 2019 – What was confirmed?

Details for the Pokemon Go Valentine 2019 event are still bad. In addition, Pokémon Go's newsletter confirmed that there was a lot of pink Pokémon in the event.

Pokemon Go events usually show a number of pensions. These come from an XP upgrade, a & # 39; Increase lures, bonus Stardust, more Pokemon pieces and more.

Although the prizes for Valentine Valentine's Day Valentine 2019 Event are still not confirmed, it may have failed what is expected.

Pokemon Go Valentine's Leak

Initially, the event is scheduled to start in February 13. This would make sense because the Pokemon to Lunar event will be a coming to an end on that day. The move says the event will be completed on 21 February.

The Valentine event bonuses are expected to be the following in 2019:

  • Lures lasts six hours
  • Double candy
  • Clefairy, Hoppip and Luvdisc will spread more often

The extra Pokémon dolphins also accompany the official news with which they are all pink.

In 2019 there are likely to be reductions. However, StardustPokmnGO was correctly checked several times ago.

Without saying he does not mean it's right. There is no doubt that there will be official certainty about what the event will soon come.

Valentine's Day Gen 4

In addition to the above details, it is entirely possible that new gen 4 genres will be distributed to Pokemon Go.

There are two pockets that would answer the criteria in relation to pink and happy connecting with Valentine's Day Mime Jr and Happiny. These Pokémon are Mr Mime and Chansey's special baby changes.

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