The Poles break their hands – the love of the country is return to the Frame 1 race


Robert Kubica will take part in the Formula 1 race next season, according to his German daily Motorsport.

According to the source, the Pole will be represented by the Williams team, and the race contract and team will be published at a news conference in Abu Dhabi, where this year's final season has occurred.

Mr. K. Kubica was the first candidate for a Williams pilot that was before the start of this season, but the team had recently signed a name to her; contracted by Rus Sirotkin, and Pole became a teamkeeper.

Lenz worked full time with the reporter, participated in a number of work this year and worked on exams.

Next week, Williams is his friend, F1, George Russell.

The Kubica Formula 1 race was forgotten in February 2011, when he was involved in an accident in the rally and not until he was taken to hospital with a helicopter:

Then the Pole suffered a lot of proper arms and proper bone breaking. He was running a surgery, and later the athlete was a waiting for a long revival.

The Robert Kubica F1 race began at 33-year-old Polish children aged 72 times.

He went 12 times to the winner's podium. Also on his account there is one effect in the race and the certificate.

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