The police are also investigating the environmental crime in the Bratislava bypass


Going out from companies says that they work with the police as a whole.

The review of environmental crime associated with the construction of the Bratislava Zero Bypass, the D4 motorway and the R7 route is still getting closer. A spokesperson for the Bratislava Regional Police Group, Michal Szeiff, confirmed this to TASR. However, the police do not wish to provide any more information at this stage to prevent or threaten the investigation.

"The environmental crime inquiry, where the necessary work steps have been taken on Thursday (28 March), is still going hard at these times," said Szeiff. The police will announce that the public will let the public know as soon as the situation allows them to be investigated.

On Thursday, police officers were involved in a number of areas in the Bratislava area, which is responsible for environmental crime. It relates to the suspicion that contaminated land or building waste is being used for the construction of D4 and R7.

Experts from the Environment Ministry also took part in the event. According to the information released, the police were to hold Michal G.'s rubbish king, as well as the building manager of D4R7, the major contractor of Javier H., the police were engaged t natural people and other companies who take or take part in the construction.

The flame doesn't keep out of the pollution from the soil

Flag kicks off flalalava, Zero Bypass Limited and the main contractor, D4R7 Construction, are removing emissions of air pollution or the use of substances that could endanger the environment. Companies say that they cooperate fully with the police.

"The salaried employee and project contractor will only use materials delivered from relevant levels of sub-contractors and qualifications for construction," said the companies.

The Ministry of Transport said for TASR that if it was found that inappropriate materials were not being used to build the route apart from the Bratislava, the D4 trunk road and the R7 route, the builder must make the arrangements t so the state no longer pay for the work.

The visitor center is very keen to care for this issue and this will have a negative impact on it. “If an independent examination into this happens, I'll have a big impact on it,” said the Minister for Transport, Einpád Érsek (the majority of Híd), waiting for the outcome of the police inquiry.

An annual allowance of 52.8 million euros

The Bratislava bypass is being built by a company of companies headed by the Spanish Cintra company. The road was built as a PPP project. The winner is expected to build and will run for 30 years, with the state paying for 30 years of repayment.

The annual allowance should be equal to EUR 52.8 million, which is after 30 years, ready to reach EUR 1.76 billion after inflation. The project is part of D4 bridge and the acceleration of R7.

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