The police are looking for images of Gökmen T.'s escape route | Interior


The police division of Utrecht divided a map on Thursday afternoon to showcase the amount of Utrecht surrounded. Those living in the area can upload images or report on other things through the police website, as reported through Twitter. A spokesman for RTV Utrecht said: "All the images are welcome from eight in the morning until six in the evening."


After a tram on Monday morning, T. would have stopped Renault Clio red and fled. The car was found at around 1.40pm on Talalalas in Utrecht.

Murder of murder or of murder with rebellious cause

There is a suspicion of a robber who was nominated for the Utrecht attack, Gökmen T., that there is murder or murder as a mutiny goal. There is also a suspicion that he tries to do that and the threats, all from a terrorist point.

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