The police asked not to rescue a man when he was drowned in his van


Police officers were told not to attempt to drown a man when his wife sank into the river, a quiz heard.

John Byrne's body, 39, was pulled out of his vehicle after sunk 12 feet under the River Thames surface on December 8, 2016.

The officers were told not to engage with Insp Gary Cross, who managed to be too dangerous to enter and save his father-in-law, whose wife was the expect a couple at the time.

Iain Byrne heard her wound inside her & # 39; Banana when it sank into the River Thames (Picture: INS)

Speaking at a & # 39; Woking question, Crope Insp said: "The vehicle was completely immersed and downstream downstream, officers would be well equipped and not trained to enter a river which was running rapidly.

I'm not sure we have special training to allow us to enter the river in our work. I remember having to & # 39; Getting trained in getting into recent years.

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"It's a reminder to go into deep or fast water that flows something we would stop.

"I thought they would pull them out of life and rescue requests with boat crew by putting them at risk and I did not. believed they would have a positive impact on what was happening at that time.

& # 39; I started again by & # 39; call it risk vs. prize. I would not say that well. I felt the danger was good in those situations.

Inspector Gary Cross said it was too dangerous for translation officers (Picture: INS)

Wentworth Golf Club Club's green watch watchdogs watched two wooden boards to attack the river before moving over and entering the water.

Within months, the van washed water and her & her; sailing down the river to lock a lock, as Mr Byrne shouted inside.

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Three of the public called 999, including Andrew Silk, told the operator that he was willing to jump but was asked.

Asked why Crois Insp added: "We would always stop it, unless it was properly trained to do something like this."

Last week, Mr Byrne's widow, Cheri, said her husband was dying inside, a little by side as she was, struggling with mental health problems.

The last time she saw, she had been and she had gone away, she said.

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Mrs. Byrne stated that her husband, who had substantive complaint debts, had been in attendance. let's go to work, but he had been spending all day sitting in his van.

She said: "He had learned how to make a mask when he came home every night for me and Oisin, to try the man and his best father, when he was inside a little dying. "

The question continues.

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