The police believe that a group is located near a central center in Canada and Canada; defeat of Quebec women


Christine St-Onge is shown in this booklet without paper.

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Central authorities found a corpse of a woman near the village where Quebecer had lost her; wait.

He was not heard from Christine St-Onge from talking to a member of his mind on December 4.

The male friend who was traveling back home was a day earlier than planned and died from the evidence that was killed.

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Sgt. Claude Denis of the regional police force of Quebec says that self-review will be carried out to prove that the 41-year-old St-Onge is in a position; group found.

He says that the police have contacted the St-Onge family to tell them about the latest developments. The group found near a hotel in Los Cabos showed signs of violence.

St-Onge, traveling agent from Laval city, traveled to Mexico on 29 November with her friend. They were said to return to Canada 6 December.

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