the police force of the campaigners


Score of yellow prizes, according to Liège police, is shown in the middle of Liège town in late Tuesday. They are indeed to arrange a sieve dam at the town's junction, between the banks of Bat and Sur-Meuse. As a result, main traffic circuits came along the Liège banks but also throughout the middle of the town.

Despite this, the police in Liège gave their services to be dispersed by the campaigners shortly after 16 hours. "Everything is in order," she says. But police and police teams are still on site to avoid anything at the top hours.

Twenty-two Yellow October was first made at 14:30, in front of the Town Hall. One hour, about 15:30, about twenty of us went to leave the place by rue the Léopold rue to go to the outside of Outremeuse and his / her; abolish the damage of the dams.

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