The police found a man who did not return from Triglav on Sunday


Novo mesto / Rateče, November 20 – Uroš Šunto from Boštanja mourns the characters that have taken place on Triglav Sunday. Police launched a Monday research campaign, including police officers, mountain rescues and dog guides, but not yet found. The police will ask those who may be able to see or know what they are doing; deny what they know to give them information.

As soon as the Shunta was told that the Shunta was wrong, the police were launching activities to keep track of it. According to the information collected so far, the man was forced forward to the Vrata valley on Sunday morning with a personal car, and thence he went to Triglav. At about 14 hours, Kredarica should go back to Vrata.

The research campaign in the Vrata area was held on Monday, with Gorenjska police officers, mountain rescuers and dog guides, but not found. The missing missing search investigation explained the Novo Mesto Police Directorate.

The police ask anyone to do so; The missing person or they could know about it was needed to tell the police the number 113 or the unidentified telephone number 080 1200.

The shunt is about 175 centimeters thick and has a dark scary hair. It was decorated with dark bricks and a dark jacket, with blue protective helmets and dark darkness, the police said.

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