The police opposed 15 people who Hitler suggested and sent to her; love Jews and Slovakia


The allegations have been compiled and created by a group of Hornozem heroes.

Today, the police gave more information about the yesterday translation by members of the NAKA national anti-terrorist unit. The investigator has charged 15 offenders in relation to the establishment, promotion and promotion of mobility that impedes relevant rights and freedoms.

According to the police, there are reasonable suspicion that the allegations have been brought together and established the "FELVIDÉKI HARCOSOK" group (Hornier Warriors) to develop an ideology that is led and, in the meantime, aims to prevent human rights and freedoms and national disgrace.

They showed up on sporting events

"Members of this group used the symbols of the modified Nazis, which provided pens, banner, clothing and password, especially at public sporting events," the police added.

She also stated that all 15 of the alleged allegations have been stated for other economic crimes, because they suspect they will be available and publish complex materials, in particular their contributions and statements on social networks, such as the characters, the passwords and the symbols that they tell and stimulate ethnic, ethnic and ethnic inclusion, hated as a result of skin color, ideas and ideas social social. For example, they rushed out of Adolf Hitler, hurting and damaging them. worried about the Jews, the dark skin, but also the Slovak and the Roman.

"If the guilty person is willing to be guilty, the convicts will be convicted of four or eight years' imprisonment," said the police, saying yesterday that the lawsuit made 17 housekeepers and 14 other buildings inspections where different product destinations were.

"There were also inquiries on the corpses of the accused, where it was recorded that some of the accused had put a disagreeable model on their body. About 150 police officers from NAKA and Divisional Offices Police in Bratislava, Trnava, Trencin and Nitra were discharged, "said the police.

Iain Kuciak murder

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