The police reviewed the sacks of Boca in the Cattle chamber and Colonel – 11/24/2018


The Home Police took the bags that gave Boca's backs to the decorative room in a Monumental stadium running up to the second round of the Libertadores Cup of America.

In this way, the view of the River River residing in the La Bombonera was relaunched 13 days ago when the police made a similar method that prompted angry complaints from the leadership with leadership Rodolfo D 'Onofrio.

As soon as Boca's rugs arrived at the catching room – which is completely broken so that nothing can be seen from the ring – Police officers have done it; Baile check each of the bags. For the presence of the force of the force so that the control would be more complete.

The Monumental Building booth was on its walls.

The Monumental Building booth was on its walls.

The idea of ​​the security forces, under the recommendation of the Conmebol authorities, is that the people of Boca will not give any type of cotillion to decorate the visitor's printout.

The controls were made despite the fact that they did not. despite Onofrio himself and Boca's president, Daniel Angelici, strongly what happened to his bombetta for two weeks.

"I want, honestly, the authorities who gave this measure, do not go to Boca when they come in. Do not this attack. What can they be in the crannogs? What could happen? Do not make that river need to be done, "asked the high river manager in a conversation with DirecTV Sports.

And he continued "The attack was too big, out of the place. Research with dogs and opening … The truth was something aggressive. It has no logic to enter the design room. "

Onofrio D 's request appears unlikely.

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