The police stayed in the robber's arrest, who did not want to steal himself in the toll


Čadca, November 22, 2018 (TASR / HSP / Photograph: TK KBS)

At the time of personal information, the Cadacan police were arrested on Tuesday (20 November) with a 29-year-old man from Chad who is suspected of being stole by the Catholic Church in Cadd

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TASR informed Jana Balogová, spokesman for the Police Force Divisional Office (KR PZ) in Zilina.

She said that the person should come to the church at the front door to open.

"The lock should take its silver box and steal many metal tires. After that, he had to burst the door at his tent and he stole the inn at the host. He also tried to take the bag to the door to the cathedral what he did not do. Parishes made damage of 30 inches and a spoil of about 50 inches on injured doors, "said a regional police spokesman.

"The suspect was replaced by a policeman who was in a personal holiday time near the church. The researcher complained that crime was wrong; stealing Vladimir who was 29 years old, who gave him a stolen pot for his guest. The cops are brought to church, "said Balog.

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