The police sub-head of the police will leave cars?


Thursday, November 22, 1818, 21:25 PM (GMT + 7)

Lieutenant Colonel Ha said someone would have a new car loaned and then put the number of plates out, but still not drive to the headquarters.

The police sub-head of the police will leave cars? - 1

Honda Honda CRV has fake number planes.

On November 22, Nghe Police Department today certifies that the police are confirm that Honda CRV 37A-207.00 is a beautiful number.

Recently, people Lt. Col. Truong Nhu Ha, leader of Chi Thu (Cua Lo town, Nghe An), driving Honda CRV 37A-207.00.

The people are surprised so far, they have registered for cars in Nghe An and the number 37A-49x.xx was given. Although Mr Ha is the Honda CRV car.

Lieutenant Colonel Ha said that his car was just on his way; sea ​​37A-207.00. It was not just a "temporary" route; going close to 2km from home to work by wear dress No parking lot is a good permit. Mr Ha also said: "The number in the four feng shui is not currently high and so it's waiting to call number 5."

However, on November 22, Mr Ha said that someone would be borrowed on his / her. a new two-day car and bought a table number 37A-207.00. When they returned to their cars, they did not; he noticed. The next day, he moved the car to his body and then found someone, said to the afternoon of November 21, he removed the plate out of his / her; car.

Officials of the Nghe Public Security Police Department reported that they did not install any 37A-207.00 for Honda CRV. If the Honda CRV plane number is a lieutenant number, it should be proven to clarify, consider the administrative penalty.

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