The police union is carried by the interior of the minister


The police union of Slovenia sent a case against the Interior Ministry of the Interior because action was taken on strike this year, which restricted being able to strike in the police, All staff, not just for public authority staff. The Labor Court hearing will be held this Friday.

The law regarding body and police work restricts police officers in strike actions. During the strike, responsibility for protecting police officers, personal safety of individuals and buildings, to detect, detect and detect offenders, to detect and arrest offenders and others is required and to the relevant authorities.

What do police officers need to do during the strike?

The police must also protect people, organizations, facilities, buildings and environments of state groups during the strike, public order maintenance, administration and regulation of public roads, conducting state and country inspection; carrying out actions specified in emigrant regulations. According to the law, the police officers have the responsibility to carry out those actions in a timely, effective manner and according to the instructions of the promoters.

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The school and two health unions commenced a high salary agreement




The union is transported by its internal office for action on the strike taken in the spring, which, by law, is illegal. The employer did not act into a craft union before they came to fruition, so they thought that they were "one-dimensional authority action" that they explained. In addition, the function also restricted the harassment of staffing in the official and technical services of the ministry and police, defined by Alen Pečarič from the Slovenia Police Trade Union.

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The reconciliation group will not block trade union union with the #video government

"The cleaner should not be able to block work"

Therefore, strike action restricts the right to strike even for staff; salary group J, including cleaning implements. "Our cleaner should not properly break the work. This is not, in our opinion, in accordance with the rules. This should be decided by a & # 39 , court, "he said.

According to the trade union, his or her ministry alone decided, in fact, too many actions; the staff need to be implemented during the strike. In addition, they will not even indicate the minimum working process, until it remains one director. "This is against the committee's findings for an explanation of the European Social Charter, which is why we have opposed a working debate," explained Pečarič.

Branimir Štrukelj


Branimir Štrukelj gun voted against the re-election of the school trade union




On 12 February, the police began to protest. After retiring the former Prime Minister Mira Cerar, the frost was in the middle of March, but, They agree to continue on October 1st this year.

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