The political world's personnel were influenced by pulling off the GOPE in La Araucanía


The president names Sebastián Piñera when the soldiers returned GOPE of the Department of Araucanía, has created different reactions in the political field.

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Different people of the political world expressed the view of the decision put forward by the president in the last Cabinet Council, after the police who were disbanded after their destruction. ; Mapuche comunero, Camilo Catrillanca, last November 14.

Some reported desires of Jungle's mandate as good news, and even those senator for Antofagasta Alejandro Guillier He showed support signs: "You have the opportunity to: invite us to parliament with indigenous people without a condition and to recognize Chile as a multi-national state. Count on my support!"

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While others thought it was lost, as mentioned the deputy RN Camila Flores, "Again the government influences the importance of a small group that protects and values ​​violence".

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