The Pope retired to attack the priesthood of excathelan Carabiners investigated for sexual abuse


An Diocese of Talca reported that Pope Francisco accepting his position to the priesthood of the high priest Luis Felipe Egaña Baraona, The Example of Customs officers, which is investigated for sexual abuse to a small person enthusiastic in 1985.

Egaña decided to pursue his priesthood

In a statement, the bishop found that Egaña sent a letter to her pot. He asked that "the clerical office would be canceled and the permission from the relevant duties in ministerial priesthood. On 2 January 2019, he was accepted by the Pope, in Does he welcome his request for the good Church. "

"So, with this date, Mr Felipe Egaña was sent out of the presbytery situation and the duties of priesthood," the statement came to an end.

Investigate against the excapell Carabiners

Chaplain Chain Chain Chain; in Egaña and served as a dedicated vicar of the bishop Horacio Valenzuela, a guardian of Fernando Karadima.

Last June, the Diocese of Talca began to investigate the superintendent of Egaña Baraona. The reason? to ascertain the appearance of sexual abuse.

For this research, the diocese was appointed director of the priest Jaime Ortiz de Lazcano, a doctor in the Law of Canon of the Diocesan of Santiago.

At that time, the smithy Egaña Baraona was taken to careful steps. Among them they are removed from all pastoral duties and duties. With these facts already in the diocese, Egaña was brought back in Hualañé in the methodology.

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