The Porsche Super Porsche 718 Cayman through ice


Most of us do something – if we get behind it, wheel on a closed path.

To a large extent not to watch its & # 39; car, the competition style is awakening. Whenever you compete with yourself or others. This latter may have been tested under control.

We are at Høydalsmo, a small place in Telemark. Usually not just as a public sea here, but at the end of the week there were almost 200 car drivers – as Autostrada's stakeholders invited to ice-rate.

Here you can take, or sit on, your own car with skilled staff who attend car knowledge; you went off soon.

Pelders Super Porsche

The range between the 80 cars today is large. Here, we found everything from Volvo XC40 up to Porsche 911 GT2 RS.

Telemark is undoubtedly attracting a lot. It's like coming back to the new guitar contemporaries, and the people just go to. Even better, when the German is in a position; cautious surgery.


It's an event in the hearing of 700 Porsche's mistakes. At the moment, we will be more familiar with our car also in the & # 39; Broom. But you should read more about it later on.

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(Case still continues)

Only a few of them are in Norway. Shortly, 4.5 million will be on the ice.

Remove from the way

The only car from Stuttgart is a GT2 RS that gets a lot of attention this weekend. At the very end, self-confidence begins to start; Increased among several of the partners. Although the route is slower, it does not Stand the way by pushing the extra bit times.

We're at Broom just a Volvo V60 T8 drive, which is a very spectacular car. Then, we'll see a blue dotag long from the road suddenly. There is no copper with a laser, but a new Porsche 718 Cayman!

It looks reasonably brutal. The sports car has been sailing at least 20 meters off the road, out to a loose snow and just over water. It looks like the car is on its way through the ice.

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Porsche prefers the best of the playground, not to be outside.


Luckily, there is little sight. Ice is here safe and its car is just a bit of fresh snow. Little enough …

Although we have a four-wheel drive on the Volvo handle, let's get the rescue team to watch the rescue, with the tractor. It is quite unusual and the car is again ready to deliver some special memories on the way.

Here he should not be sure you will not endeavor!

Test Alfa Romeo Giulia C: This is an Italian art piece

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Again, Broom was well known behind the wheel of the Alfa Romeo Stelivo Quadrifoglio. Photograph: Thomas Holmen

Italian monster

Spinnville cars are on the ice. Germany is well represented by Porsche and AMG. But the best cars today have come into Italy.

Throughout the day, we will test both Giulia and Stelvio – both in the preparation of Quadrifoglio. Giulia we have drunk before, and we did not just make the sharp running shearing features.

Stelvio, on the other hand, is more interesting about it. Not only is a raffle race on paper, but the car is also one of the fastest SUVs around the world around Nürburgring.

Also, I-Pace Jaguar got past.

It's a monster and we can try it. This is the majority of the votes. Four-wheel drive and anti-spin neon. Although we are not nearly using the 510 empowerment, we will still be able to; get a good speed on the 2.9-kilometer line.

On one of the long sides, we will bend 150 kilometers / u – before we throw it down; car to the next convert, change its grid with a & # 39; right pedestal and case back on the next step. There is a dance atmosphere with its magic car.

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The target of just 3.9 seconds is 0-100 km / h.

the table

In running one of the best SUVs in the world, we will Thinking about how useful we are to experience the fossil device at the best. Not just the sound, but the motor character, the gear gear and the mechanical tools we hit in the back.

It is at times that someone can be unbelievable about whether the electric car is capable of delivering the same dedication and pleasure.

To be honest, we do not think that, and so it's important to enjoy both sides behind the cars like Stelvio Quadrifoglio. And we will do that for a lot, many more years.

The weekend schedule is also to confirm that car enthusiasm is still better.

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