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Would you like to go to the free films? Well, you'll soon be able to, through an app called PreShow. How good is it to be? Perhaps it was. The service will give theater players a chance to avoid free film shots by sitting through a “20-minute minute” with the cost of beautiful food. ”Cake piece, right? Well, it's not so fast. To make sure you are no doubt when viewing ads, the PreShow application monitors your eye movements. If you stop looking too long at the ads, you won't stop, and we won't stop it again until you look back at it.

If just like a little Black Mirror That's a version of it. The same account was used for the same season "Fifteen Million Merits."

There is a new campaign about Stacy Spikes' film, which set up MoviePass, which you love or love – PreShow. This is how he works, right from the mouth of your horse:

Preview members download the app and have the opportunity to view 15-minute preshow which will be made up of a component size. Think about the product situation you can see in the films, but now the logo content can provide interesting content and calls to action for individuals. After looking at the PreShow (we use an iconic command of technology to make sure the person is watching), the individual gets credit for attending free film to a theater chooses with their virtual credit card. Watch, win, and go. It's that simple.

That's sounds very broken and dry, isn't it? In addition, filmmakers are now using it for advertising. Most theaters (except the Alamo Drafthouse) play truckload of ads before starting around half an hour of tiles. So what is the big contract? You can get more information about Endgaget on a PreShow, and that's this to stop me from:

The company has developed a way to check your outlook to make sure you are viewing the commercial PreShow. The app also sends a green boundary around the sides of your screen to verify it shows you. If you are looking too far, or leaving your seat, the message will automatically stop and you will get a red border around your screen. You can continue to look when you want. Although Spikes deleted the app, it could be easily communicated when it was looking away. And when he looked at the screen again, the advertisement started again at once.

I am not like this but people. Maybe he is a bit innocent, but there's something strange about Orwellian about it. No Black Mirrorif you do that. in the Black Mirror the program "Fifteen Million Merits", residents of a dystopian society have to sit through films while they are cycling cycling exercise to earn money. In their homes, they will send adverts that stop when they look away. But all of a sudden, if this doesn't worry, that's okay. Free movies! PreShow is launching through KickStarter, so you can learn more about it.

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