The President gave a Rescue Medal to a fisherman


On the afternoon of November 21, the Quang Ngai People Committee hosted the service to host the country's brave President for Tran Thanh Ron's secretaries. saving people on the sea.

Previously, on 16/12/2017, QNg – 98465 of a fishing boat in Pho Chau commune (the Duc Pho district, the Quang Ngai division) used a fishing tune in Hoang Sa.

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Licensed by the State President, the Quang Ngai department headed the warrior base for the Tran Thanh Ron fishermen.

The fishing vessel received a sign from the BС-95681 fishing boat of the Tran Duc fishermen, in the Hoai Nhon area, the Dinh Dinh division collapsed with waves. There will be 4 fishermen on the boat & fishing; hitting the emergency signal, a & # 39; take the radio and climb up a body to escape.

Out of the four fishermen, two could not swim, and there was a A dangerous basket can be converted at any time. Receiving the emergency signal, the QNg fisherman – 98465 with the Tran Quan fisherman as captain Tran Thanh Ron, 25, and other fishermen immediately to rescue.

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Fishermen's fishermen and fishermen at the service.

After 1h search, the fishermen of Quang Ngai have identified 4 Binh Dinh fishermen.

In particular, Tran Thanh Ron fishermen, when they saw the fishermen in trouble, went into the sea to save people without a life jacket.


After 4 victims were brought aboard, Tran Thanh Ron found his pamphlet and a Binh Dinh fishing boat's walkie talkie should be done. sailing on the beach and be hit by deep sea waves but away from fortune.

Knowing the confident rescue activities, on September 14, 1818, the President of the State decided to give Tran Thanh Ron a base.

Mr Nguyen Tang Binh, Former Chairman of the Quang Ngai Department's Committee, said that the humorous activity of the Tran Thanh Ron fishermen says: "For fishermen Tran Thanh Ron is working to save people, I Thinking not only is that he is strong yet powerful. Because of these great waves, we usually dropped but the owner and Mr Tran Thanh Ron needed the vessel turned into a large wind that saved 4 fishermen Din Dinh He went to sea and took the thread to pull that basket.

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