The president of Nissan Motor was seized Economy


The NHK Japan TV said the Tokyo prosecutors stopped Carlos Ghosn, chairman of Nissan Motor Co. Asahi Shimbun, prime procurator of Tokyo, queried Carlos Ghosn on November 19 for a lawsuit protesting; control of Japan's trading ground and financial equipment.

So, it was the responsibility of the Device to handle financial records and his / her; gives a complete account of his income. Kyodo said Gosn was suspected of failing to complete a 5 billion yen ($ 44 million) full-income for five years.

According to sources Asahi, trying to prosecute the prosecution of Carlos Ghosn after his arrest; question. Mr Ghosn stated that he would accompany the procurator of Tokyo for the research body.

Nissan spokeswoman announced that a news conference would be held tonight. Theo CNNNissan is preparing to dismiss CEO Carlos Ghosn's CEO after he has indicated that he and several chief executives have committed large crimes over the years. "Nissan has provided information to the Japanese Office of the Office of Japan and has been fully cooperated with their investigation," said Japanese autonomous, to report on Monday. (19/11).

According to Nissan, Ghosn and a number of other board members did not mention total salary. At the same time, many other misconduct are also found, such as the use of its company property for private purposes. In addition, Chief Executive Hiroto Saikawa praises Nissan's board to "removal of Mr Ghosn quickly from the position of his Chairman and Representative."

Carlos Ghosn is also President and French Renault's Chief. At the same time, Renault has not mentioned this information. However, Renault has a 6.2% drop in Paris (France).

The 64-year-old has built a joint venture between Renault, Nissan and Mitsubishi Motors. In September, he stated that he would reduce his membership of subsidiary companies, as long as he was still in attendance; guide the list.

Last year, Ghosn retired as Nissan's Chief Executive and stated that he could resume his position at Renault before completing his term four years to 2022. The headteacher, a French car company over the last forty years.

Hope is considered one of the most powerful directors in a global window business. After the Renault's successful reconstruction in the late 1990s, its name was linked to the name "Le Cost Killer". Ghosn was the first person in the world to run two companies on Fortune Global 500 when he became the head of the Renault and Nissan CEO in 2005.

A spokesman for the Ministry of Finance refused to comment on information related to Carlos Ghosn. The country maintains 15% in Renault, Nissan and its # 39; Supporting Ghost to change the French car manufacturer.

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