The president of Santos confirms his interest in Ricardo Oliveira and requests two legs on the center t


Santos is interested in Ricardo Oliveira (Pic: Denis Dias / Gazeta Press)

Santos's president José Carlos Peres confirmed the interest in Ricardo Oliveira, of Atlético-MG. The coach Jorge Sampaoli announced the player and the priority is for the setting.

Peres wants two 9 shirts for the season. There is a compromise with Ricardo Oliveira and another from abroad, which is kept secret.

Click on the following link to view an example and click on the following link to redirect and click on the menu bar and press link below. overseas discussions also discussed the issue of Ricardo, "said the president, following a technical conference at the FPF. t

“We need two 9. For long competitions like the Brazil we want two. The aim is to have two people in the middle and now there are no in Brazil, to try and bring Ricardo Oliveira back into the studio. Sampaoli asked, all coaches are looking for it. Setting, smoking, drinking, early sleep. He has a regular life and can take action to 42, 43. Ricardo is probably there. He is responsible for compromising, and one from outside. The worry we have from outside is the closure of the window, "he said.

The Rooster – in contrast, isn't interested in Oliveira trading easily. If the negotiations come to fruition, Alvinegro would have to return finance to the organization. The contract runs until the end of 2020.

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