The Prešovčani believed and Silkeborg achieved an unexpected impact but was worthy of


today 17:25

Tatran Prešov's handball team had a Sunday night in Silkeborg who cared for the spectacular weekend of the group level of the Games Games 2018/2019.

With a 30:29 victory over the Bjerringbro-Silkeborg team, they put two pits in the C-Group record, which gave them more advanced trombets.

"Every day we do not win teams such as Silkeborg and vonkoncom that are not outside. We got the Danish team twice a season, and the high- praise. We had enough time to prepare for this important game, with the set in the table. We will only accept their first step. We know that we have two games ahead and we have to deal with them if we want to move from the group to the disqualification level. I'm sure the boys will do everything for them, "said general manager Tatran Miroslav Benicky.

Successive engineer Sharišan, Oliver Rábek's backbone. "We had a sad game and we got really tough. We tried to avoid mistakes. We knew we would have to pay attention to their collaboration with its & # 39; phivot and in particular those on the left. Markussen is a clean wholesaler made in the game. It's very hard to protect, I think we could pull it to the In fact, even though there were some mistakes, but can not be played without. "

"I would like to thank the person for keeping all of the game, and we believe, and finally we do, I think there is no chance to Silkeborg benefits in our company, so I'm very happy, Robert said, one of Tatran's nine-9-winged soldiers.

And the other Bruno Butorac, to play on the right of the clutch. "We have had a huge impact, it was a difficult game in which we made a lot of mistakes, but they made a home game, but nothing was done yet, we did not get anything still. We are going longer and we have to go to; win the next week over Bears Chekhov, "said Butorac.

The first half of Mario Cvitkovic was when Igor Čupryn replaced: "We knew we had a very challenging game waiting for us. The home team had to return to his & Prešov game and its first placement and progress from the group But we came to Silkeborg with the truth that we want to win and we have shown it was brilliant to see the fight The whole team, especially when we were back and back to the game, showed the team game and we finally won the game.

In February, Prešov went to Silkeborg in the EHF Cup without bilingually 19:27. "At that time, the game did not work out and so I was encouraged to be right, but we were all encouraged to go ahead and that we did. Today, especially in the second half, we launched their game in defense and defense, either, they received support and decision, "said Michal Kasal for a club website, which was also expressed by Roman Carapkin who; dedicating its duties in tatar Tatarah:

"Congratulations to all of our partners, we have shown what we can do, while at the same time we are not weaker than the home team, and in the second half we have been well protected, at the Finally everyone has seen that we can play with all the opponents, in all, everyone.

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