The price of Gold SJC VND 37 million / investment at the end of the year is expected


On November 21, SJC gold prices were sold by businesses at the HCM City of VND36.43 million, who sold VND36.59 million per trip, down VND30,000 per day from the previous day. There was a price of gold changing in the narrow sleeve of last days, about 36.6 million VND / tael.

Exouquank (Gold Eximbank), 2018 gold, as well as including gold prices worldwide and the demand for gold at the end of the year, it is anticipated that the price Gold SJC is available. up to VND36.6-3.7 million per sum in the last two months of the year.

In international markets, $ 1,220 units of gold prices are $ 1,220, down slightly from the previous session. In the last 10 months, international gold prices have dropped by 6.8% (from the opening level of $ 1,302 each).

SJC gold price can reach 37 million VND / tael at year end - Picture 1.

The price of gold SJC is expected to be; hit 37 million at the end of the year. Photograph: Linh Anh

One of the main reasons for the weight of its gold price is to # 39; significantly affecting the dollar from the beginning of the year. The dollar has earned a further 5.3% against other major funds ahead of the positive economic performance of the US, waiting for inflation near the target and the labor market was better. The US Army Reserve (FED) has raised the interest of the dollar three times since the beginning of the year and it is expected that it will take more times in a short time to support the dollar up.

Eximbank analysts also acknowledge that trade disasters between the United States and China also have a strong influence on international gold prices, as a dollar arises and puts pressure on gold prices, which are valued at USD).

On the other hand, the impact of the trade wars has declined on a global globe and the place was re-affirmed; A safe, safe place after the long time. In October -1818, international gold prices rose by 1.87% and ended the decline six months after each other.

From here until the end of the year, international gold prices continue to continue; struggling the way back to the lost in the first month of the year, with much supporting information, such as political inequality in hot places in the economic health world of European countries; Choosing competitive results …

* The main objective of the 21-11 morning was announced by the Vietnam State Bank at 22,731 VND / USD, up to 5 USD compared to the previous day. The USD price was otherwise traded by commercial banks at 23,290 VND / USD, 23,380 VND / USD sold.

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