The price of oil fell by 25% in the last year


Price Intermediate oil of Texas (WTI) to be delivered in February ending in New York market USD 45.41 the barrel in the last stock exchange of 2018, with a slight move up allowing the yearly abuser to over 45 dollars later, after remaining on the road 24.8% of the value that was recorded at the beginning of last year.

At the same time, raw oil barrel price Brent of the North Sea for delivery in March completed in the London revenue market in USD 53.44.

Brent struck during the final sessions when the contracts for delivery in March came into force, although there is still concern between investors for an imbalance between supply and demand in 2019, which still cries oil prices.

The increase in demand and fright after it more light, as well as concerns about a grow to grow faster there were economic growth all over the world, as the experts said, because of this fall, after that three years after each other in which they were registered hikes in the hydrocarbon market.

In fact, just since then October, when oil in the US reached USD 76.41 barrel, the highest reach in the last four years, black gold has fell by 40 per cent.

The commercial war between The United States and China, which is now in the negotiation step, as one of the items that set gold prices due to fear of a trade war Large scale between the two economic giants could affect the global economy.

In fact, the protests are an ambitious American president, Donald Trump, on the links with the Chinese government, it was pleased to increase Wall Street's main auditorium.

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