The prices of fish are increasingly declining after the sharp increase in the week …


12:08 PM

Monday 18 February 2019

Write me – Sherine Salah:

Abdel Aziz al-Sayed, head of Chamber Chamber of Commerce, Lamasrawi, head of the Chamber Chamber of Commerce district, said the cost of the hen around two pounds per kilogram in the farm, on Monday.

A kilometer price of arms at the farm today to 28 pounds for 30 pounds, and 32 pounds on the price counter 34 to 35 pounds.

He spent the prices that came into the decline in the demand in those days after the increase in the price of hens last week.

The price rose by 5 pounds per kilogram last week, he said.

Egg cartridge price, recorded about 36.5 pn compared to 35.5 at the farm, and up to 41 pounds for 40 pounds of market, according to Mr ..

The price of hens in the city is two pounds compared to the prices last week, and # 39; price in the market between 43 and 44 pounds.

The head of the department said the prices of the chicks did not fall to 6 to 7 pounds.

The price of the tonne of wood was 7,200 compared to 6600 pounds, according to Mr ..

Egypt produces around 1.6 billion birds per annum, and this product produces; achieving 95% self-confidence, where the gap between output and consumption is not higher than 5%.

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