The Prime Minister challenged "night and night" in symmetry


On November 21th in Hanoi, Prime Minister Nguyen Xuan Phuc chaired a meeting to renew and increase the effectiveness of state campaigns, focusing on economic groups and state estates.

According to the Finance Ministry, equity improvement in 2018 is slow, and may not have been met according to its; Plan agreed by Prime Minister. In a decision, Prime Minister Nguyen Xuan Phuc asked that even the fairness would have been made; effective state campaigns to improve their values ​​and development and enhance the visibility and crime of corruption.

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The PM said at his conference

Attending the service was Vice President Vuong Dinh Hue, Head of the Steering Committee for the Revitalization of Enterprise and Development, Deputy Prime Minister Trinh Dinh Dung and over 350 delegates, headquarters, district and Corporate Directors , state divisions, indoor and out-of-country groups.

According to the Official Letter Number 991 of the Prime Minister issued in July 2017, from 2017 to 2020, the number of initiatives requiring restructuring and balance of 127 initiatives . However, to date, 27 campaigns have been fair. According to the plan in the official letter 991 by 2017 of the First Minister, 2018 must balance the completion of at least 85 initiatives, but on November 18, there were 12 correct and no campaigns The list is in official letter 991 of the 2018 plan.

The director of the Central Institute for Economic Management, Nguyen Dinh Cung, over the past, reorganized campaigns on three areas. The first is to be & # 39; Implementing SOEs, corporations and corporations to work according to market practices. The second is to improve the effectiveness of SOE regulation by making it possible; implementing international customs. The third is to balance and move. However, the review reports in relation to services, departments and public attitudes are significantly enhanced; focus on balance and implementation, and should focus on its & # 39; first two. This is also a problem that some delegates think that, although there is a balance, a & # 39; Thinking that the leadership and management of many companies is changing dramatically.

In order to enable SOE accessibility, Mr Nguyen Dinh Cung recommended increased devolution of enterprises.

"This is a limitation for companies to work in the market. One of the common points that is not employed, is used to pay employees and employees on their market. When someone pays 1 to 1.5 / 5 / year, the society says it is very high. I think it's not the problem for those people, what money they get but how much they are doing; do, "said Nguyen Dinh Cung.

Indeed, SOE's progress was slow, Mr Nguyen Duc Chi, President of SCIC, said that Ministers, departments and companies should act strongly on moving capital property ownership. according to the rules and directors of the Government and the Prime Minister.

Mr Chi, after the 131 Order had been issued by the Government, the State Capital Government Committee was born, 19 corporations and large secrets were given to the Commission promptly.

"We are pleased that the SCIC's order is also a decision, a Prime Minister's decision, a Prime Minister's and Deputy Prime Minister, but to date there are still 35 campaigns that are not yet ministers, not local authorities have not moved to SCIC and 78 initiatives under the 1232 Prime Minister Decision in 2018 if they do not withdraw the capital must be transferred to SICI so far, we do not also to see the authorities start. Ask their Prime Minister to get a hard drive, "he stressed Nguyen Duc Chi.

As the renewal process and balance of enterprises under the Vietnam Oil and Gas Industry, Mr Tran Sy Thanh, Chairman of the Group, say the value of the campaigns is still a problem. a unit with many branches and assets throughout the country and abroad.

VNPT Chairman, Tran Manh Hung, said there should be a mechanism to encourage the spirit of innovation, creativity, to expect to think and to risk the Group with Personal responsibility, as there is still a barrier to the environment legal. In addition, the current conflict is that, if there is a strong devolution for consultees and colonies, there is a risk of power, if it is too focused on governing bodies, a & # 39; creating cookies with the development of enterprises.

Speaking at the meeting meeting, Prime Minister Nguyen Xuan Phuc reaffirmed the role of SOEs essential for the country's development and that his & Food, not only in many countries in the world too.

In the context of 19 corporations and state securities to the State Capital Management Committee of the campaign, the Prime Minister said that this committee did not translate the media to his / her; his trip. industry business, instead of being a business to help business development, deserves the key role of the economy.

On the way, Prime Minister Nguyen Xuan Phuc also evaluated the rehabilitation and reorganization of SOEs results. The Prime Minister said that there are many important achievements, in which the two buses are identified, the first level of mackerel resilience and the second is to generate a state budget income and the number of To reduce SOEs from above. 12,000 to less than 600 campaigns.

However, Prime Minister Nguyen Xuan Phuc also identified several problems of SOEs, that is, the contribution of many SOEs is low. Bad debt, big loss. There are many problems in publicity, transparency, control, control. The PM also doubts the status of multiple companies, computers have not started for many years of construction work.

According to their Prime Minister, the purpose of the Government's leadership is to be fulfilled, the Prime Minister is not tough, he fears his & her; opinion, not to be aware of revival, distribution. There is even psychological fear of the situation of loss, a post after balance, abolition of benefits, the benefits of the body of status, corruption in balance, movement.

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The PM debated with representatives attending the conference

According to the PM, there have been several criminal issues, negligent cases and issues that were opposed by officers, corporate directors, corpses, services, branches and places. It is the opinion of the Party and the State to continue; implement tight anti-corrosion work, overcoming deficiencies and constraints in balance, SOE capital.

For corporate leaders, corpses, state campaigns, the Prime Minister should direct and alter all aspects of work, in particular the implementation of the regulations, policies and regulations. We carry out many checks, surveys, some cases being challenged by law.

At the meeting, the Prime Minister also gave guidance to the authorities and branches, depending on what the examination and examination needs to be in accordance with the regulations, usually once a year to Ensure production and business activities. of the business. The analysis of the research is to make initiatives more appropriate, better implement rules, policies related to tools. It is not going to deal with the breakdown of its & # 39; barriers to the development that we are trying to innovate, in particular the active organizations need to build business confidence, investors, strengthen the market, create a business environment favorably.

At the meeting, Prime Minister informs special needs for each stage, sections, corporations, corporations, SOEs, restructuring, balancing and implementing in accordance with market principles. Problem, not to lose capital and State property. Fairness is even effective, according to its Prime Minister, to attract social capital, to strengthen management capacity, to contribute to anti-corrosion. Contingencies must be related to the registration of the stock market because there is a conquest process; Loss of enough state resources and is easily corrupt. The Prime Minister challenged "night and night" in symmetry.

For enterprises that are unlikely to complete their & # 39; plan balance as a result of purpose purposes, they should contact their First Minister the difficulties and difficulties for consideration and situation. The PM also needed clear identification of individual and organizational responsibilities in the & sets out balance and enforcement.

Active imagery and divisions should promptly expand ideas and coronations, corporations and SOE suggestions to submit to relevant authorities for immediate change in valuation of land use rights and prices. Fair initiatives, balance sheet process, capital return, rules on financial management, salary, registration and registration; The rights and responsibilities of business leaders, governing bodies, proprietors' representatives … The Prime Minister emphasized: "The Government's executive spirit is to create positive situations for tools, policies and laws. If they have any problems, they need should be reviewed, proposed and amended immediately; At the same time, the message is strictly imposed on the law, without obtaining legal holes and a recycling break in balance, move.

The authorities, branches, areas, economic, corporations and the SEs by 31 December 2018 will send the agreement or application to the relevant authorities to approve plans for the reorganization of initiatives under their management . In accordance with the rules, including the progress, action groups, responsible person.

In order to emphasize the work of the staff, organize officers in corporations, corpses and the First Minister, clearly there are good moral virtues of leaders, managers and representatives of the State's capital, "Organize people work, not to set up a home ". Undoubtedly to tell "front garden, backyard".

The Prime Minister asks the State Capital Regulation Committee of initiatives, services, branches, areas and agencies to consolidate scrutiny, review and guidance, to ensure publicity, transparency and treatment. It is very difficult to break. It's totally managing SOEs hard, there are slow investment projects for progress, loss of operation.

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