The Prime Minister visits an old school, an old Hanoi tutor


This is the school of Prime Minister Nguyen Xuan Phuc has been studying in a 3 year secondary school – students of the VIII Phuc High School students. The Prime Minister said he had a deep love, the emotional feelings at school time had not gone out of his life and in other students. The Prime Minister was delighted to meet with the teachers and teachers who taught a generation of students at the time of their time. prime minister in the 1960s and 70s of the last century.

On behalf of the Party and State leaders, Prime Minister Nguyen Xuan Phuc gave a talk to Dafa High School specialists and teachers of all departments of the nation's greetings on the 36th anniversary of the year. Vietnamese teachers. And as an old student of the school, the Prime Minister welcomed warmly, good wishes to the old teachers.

The First Minister, 55 years ago, said that Phàdraig Da Phuc School was established not only for clarification, revitalization, expansion of aims, developing knowledge, developing talent for the children of Soc Son . , but also to gather South African students in the war years against the United States. At this time, on behalf of the students in the southern tour of Truong Mac to explore north, the Prime Minister welcomed his & her; Party, Uncle Ho and the State, to the people in the north, to the teachers. Teachers, teachers and friends have created all situations for help and support. In the difficult problems, there is a shortage of Northern Constabulary at that time, American-American years, teachers, friends and people will always be Give their clothes to go to school every day, and include them in places to leave. "By striving against the wild and horrible river, the Silent is still wild but its Party, Uncle Ho still plays a part of the families of the martyrs to go to North side for long training. That vision is a lesson learned for today's education, "said the Prime Minister.

The Prime Minister emphasized today that the world is changing rapidly with the 4th Industrial Transaction, with the digital era where knowledge and creativity are the key features of a & # 39; proven power and capacity. competition and the status of each country. In that context, education must be respected. "Education must be regarded as a national priority to achieve national strength. It is an investment investment that demonstrates investment for education. Both aims and aims for sustainable socio-economic development," the PM stressed him.

The Prime Minister also said, over the years, our country's education and training has made important results. In order to achieve these outcomes, many teachers, non-day care management, teaching, just like their mother, how many teachers are hard to be innovative, and? Creating text or hard "Turning Up". Each teacher in a variety of ways has been involved in the reform of education with commitment, dedication, responsibility and dedication, all for the purpose of people to grow, for the future of our children. The PM hoped that teachers across the country would continue to & # 39; Promoting achievement, raising promotion, noble position in noble positions, and & nbsp; struggling to send people, a & # 39; training. generations of students to develop accurately. Every teacher, teacher will build all the spirits for the good students, and # 39; making good teaching for good teaching, and professional skills development, and always fostering professional attitudes with an important role not only in knowledge education, skills, but also in the creation, development of personalization learners.

"Every teacher should be a good example of personality, morality, way of life. The Government and the Prime Minister, services and key agencies, will continue to create situations and make the best to work better and provide psychotherapy to the teachers of the country's education, "said the Prime Minister.

At this time, on behalf of the Party and the State leaders, the Second Class Second Labor Worker to Da Phuc High School.


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